Marine Mammal Sightings

    Reporting marine mammal sightings provides valuable information and allows the public to directly participate in the stewardship of marine life.

    Use this form to report any marine mammals you encounter. Please include contact information – if we need more information, we’ll get in touch with you!

    Want to make a difference when you’re underway?

    You can download the WhaleReport app and report sightings from your phone or desktop. WhaleReport generates an alert on the WhaleReport Alert System (WRAS), a system that aims to mitigate the risk of ship strikes and underwater noise by alerting mariners to the presence of whales.

    Download the WhaleReport app here.


    Other ways to report marine mammal sightings:

    The Whale Museum Hotline (U.S. and Canada):
    hotline@whalemuseum.org or 1-800-562-8832

    Orca Network (WA state)
    info@orcanetwork.org or 1-866-ORCANET

    BC Cetacean Sightings Network (Canada)
    www.wildwhales.org or 1-866- I SAW ONE

    Download the WhaleReport app on
    iTunes or Google Play